[This is obviously not a ‘canon’ thing for my muse since Kamen Rider didn’t even exist back when he was a kid. The only way this could actually be “real” would be if a Magic!Anon turned him into a child or something.

The only backstory here so far is “Mun can’t have a Deneb plushie so he’s giving his muse one cause why the f*ck not?”. Added some Momo and Ryuu there cause I love those cute butts so much and Kuro seems to like Momo a lot, same for Deneb, even when it still freaks him out a little that they both sound the same.]

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"Some human bodies can be so weak…"

batdemonkuronue: [happy meme] "Hello there~ I'm not sure if you remember me. Anyway, I didn't get the chance to thank you properly for helping me find my blue pendant the other day. Hope you like this~" *hands her a cute looking paper bag with some decorated cupcakes inside*



"Ah— You!" Her face instantly lit up, remembering the demon. "Yeah, I remember! It was no problem at all."

Sneaking a peak into the bag, her mouth broke into a smile. Several beautifully decorated cupcakes sat inside, tantalizing and scrumptious looking to a fault. “W-Wow… Thank you so much!”

Keiko waved away his concerns, smiling brightly. It wasn’t often she saw a demon in need of assistance in her world, or one that acted so cordially afterwards. “No, no, don’t worry about it! I was happy to help.”


 ”Did you make them yourself? They’re beautiful and they look delicious!” she twittered, holding the cute bag as gently as she could to make sure the contents weren’t squished. The brunette hadn’t tried to make cupcakes at her apartment yet. Maybe she could try to replicate the icing decorations on hers. 

I shook my head lightly. “No. I got them from one of those bakery shops here in Ningenkai. I’m not that good at cooking or baking, to be honest, although, I admit such skills might be kind of helpful sometimes…” The slightly embarrassed smile turned into a gentle one again as I continued. “Anyway, I can get you some more of those any time you want. It’ll be no problem at all~”

Hidden Treasures || closed


I smiled at the sweet kiss and blew him on in return as he left my side.”I’ll be out in a second.” Though I knew it would take a while to properly worm my way out of the elaborate dress. As he left, my little bandit took off after him, sensing he might be headed to the kitchen. “Spoiled!” I called after her even as she chartered back from down the hall. A light shake of my dark brown locks later and I was unlacing the bodice of the gown and working my way free

I smiled down at my two little companions before one of them went back on her tracks, chuckling softly at the sight of that. Guess she wanted to apologize to Suga, I thought as I continued walking down the hall and into the kitchen. Once in there I took a glass jar that contained some leaves inside out of one of the cabinets and picked enough leaves from it to make tea for us. Then I moved to the next cabinet, taking out a kettle and filled it up with water just to turn the stove on and put the water to heat. As I waited, I took a piece of fresh bread and gave it to Ein who seemed rather excited as he happily ate it. As soon as the water was boiling, I turned off the stove and pulled out a tea pot, putting the leaves inside and added some of that hot water. Just a minute or two later, I poured it, putting the leaves aside and added more and cooler water to it. I took out two cups and put everything on a tray that I carried to the living room, putting it down on the table. I kneeled on one of the comfy cushions there and poured some tea on both cups before making myself comfortable as I waited for Sasuga to join me.



They were here! They would hurt here more! Her surroundings hadn’t registered yet, the sound of Kuronue rushing into the room mistaken for them. A sudden touch, and she flinched, giving a confused and rage filled snarl at the sudden touch on her shoulder, her eyes glowing in hostility. A hand raised, ready to lash out… when the worry and the familiarity of the voice reached her awareness, and she paused, blinking, the violent glow fading from her eyes. 

Kuronue. It was Kuronue. She was safe, and she had almost struck her dear friend. 

Then the memory of what had set her off returned, and she gave a low whine of distress, swiftly moving to tuck herself against his side, as close to being under a sheltering arm and wing as she could manage. 

"I dreamed that you never came, and the ransom they wanted from my kin never happened, and they decided to keep me as a sick pet and source of amusement. I was forced to ear a collar. A horrible collar with spikes both outside and in, and when that horrible Lord was angry with me, or I was fighting the obedience spell on it, I would be electrocuted with black lightning. And.. and he and his guards raped me, and beat me up, many times and I couldnt fight back or else I’d be electrocuted again. Or they would goad me into situation where I had to do bad things, and laugh when I fought and screamed in pain becuase of that collar. I… Kuro…. help. Are they really gone?” Her voice rose in panic with every word she spoke, fearfully babbling as she tried to disengage herself from the memories of the dream that kept coming back over and over

She shook as she clung to his side, trying her best to gain comfort from his presence, hiding under his wing making small noises of distress. She was safe. She was safe. Right? Her self reassurance wasnt working too well, and so she just tucked herself closer to him, soaking in the warmth of his body, the soothing scent of his leather vest and his skin, the awareness she was not anywhere near that cell she had been dumped in. Anything to get her mind off it

I was legitimately shocked to see sheer rage reflected in those eyes that always held deep and true kindness in them. I didn’t even react in time to prevent what could have happened to me had she not stopped herself. She seemed frightened like I had never seen her before. As she spoke, everything became clear to me. I sat down beside her on the bed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close into a protective embrace; one of my wings covering her as well, as if acting as some sort of shield ready to keep whatever could hurt her any further away from us.

The scenes she described from her dreams… I could feel the pain she was probably going through for I had been there before: Locked away, at the mercy of a man who, literally, had my life in his hands and, basically, did what he pleased with me for years. I was happy that I had been there to save her from a fate like mine back then, but I couldn’t help but feel just as pained as she was to hear her like that, suffering from visions of what could’ve been the rest of her life. I swallowed hard, trying not to think of my own share of recurrent nightmares at all for they would only darken the mood further.

"It’s okay, dear. They’re gone and far away from here. It was just a nightmare, Kara." I began, speaking softly all the while, trying my best to calm her down. I shifted a little, putting my free arm around her shoulders as well, allowing her to rest her head against my chest and pressed a soft kiss to the top of it. I knew very well how frightening something as ‘simple’ as a nightmare could be. "I’ll make sure they won’t hurt you again. Promise."



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Talking about Kuronue’s origins as (my) muse…

Back then I was -and still am- a lazy butt who didn’t really bother on bugging him to tell me what his birthday is. I didn’t think it twice and just shared mine with him because, well, that would save me some time. As time has gone by (nearly two years i srsly can’t believe it tbh) he hasn’t said anything yet, however, he’s made it clear that it actually takes place in November, and the fact that most of the Sagittarius stuff I’ve read seems to apply to him just makes it more evident and quite interesting. According to some bits of info he’s shared lately, all I know is the exact date lies somewhere between Nov 23rd and Nov 27th. He’s never been very much into celebrating his own birthday as it is something irrelevant to some youkai, along with some bad experiences he had back when he was held prisoner and that actually had to do with it, which kind of explains why he doesn’t bother much about letting me know such information about him.