erryone wants to be kurama’s bff headcanon is that kuronue wins every time 

The moment our lips met, I knew with pure and piercing certainty that I would have waited for him forever.


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It is from a card.  Each battle scene of the movie.

劇場版- 冥界死闘篇 炎の絆より   それぞれのバトルシーン

The subtle difference between…

Look what I found in your drawer~



"Fuck it. I am NOT wearing this!




It was an exhausting, and drawn out walk, since her nerves were on fire with pain and fear. But after a while, she started to relax, her mind noting that they might possibly be far enough away to stay away from the patrols of the corrupt lord. 

And finally, they stepped through a grove of trees, and a comfortable cottage appeared. Safe. She nearly collapsed right there with relief, but managed to remain upright as she staggered in to the safe haven, rubbing her wing against his in affectionate thanks . 

It was very cozy inside, though her tired eyes noted nothing except for places to rest. “Where do you want me to stop, hun? Because if I stop moving, I might not be inclined to move again for a while” A halfhearted jest, but the fact that she was poking fun at how tired she was spoke well of her getting over her fears.

She would need a comfortable place, where she could have access to heat in any form. Hot water, heated blankets, fire itself. Anything. And she knew Kuronue knew this healing boost, as she had revealed it before

The affectionate wing rub was accepted and returned in the same fashion. “Come. Let’s get you to bed.” I told her as I guided her to one of the rooms. My room. Once there, I opened the door for her to step inside. “You’ll stay here.”

The room, just like the rest of the rooms, was decorated with fine rugs, all of them were dark colored, matching the drapes, walls, ceiling and floor of each. Different treasures from successful heists were displayed all over the house. I always made sure any of my places had any more decorations than they needed, keeping a slightly sober decoration that never failed to catch my guests’ eye nevertheless. Needless to say most of what was displayed was not highly valuable. It would be too careless for me to risk my goods in such a foolish way.

Right after she stepped inside the room, I did the same as well. The bed there was huge and covered with pillows and cushions. It was the perfect place to get some rest after a long day. Across the small room there was a fireplace. Looking at it then at Kara, I offered an “I’ll light that one in a moment.” aware that she was going to need as much heat as we could get to help her heal the soonest possible. I walked over to the bed and pulled the blankets and pillows, making enough room for her to lay comfortably on the bed. “You can rest here as much as you need to.”


Imagine your OTP in the 1960s, making love for the first time in a room with burning incense, beaded curtains, and tie dye everywhere while the record of your choice plays.

Hidden Treasures || closed


I was happy he was willing to talk further about this. I had keep my worries to myself that he had changed his mind about the entire thing. it had been months since we last brought it up, in fact it was back February  when I had asked him to be my mate in the first place. To talk about it again was exciting. I couldn’t help but smile and relax a bit. “I don’t expect you to forget your past. I just ..would like to move forward with you, if that is okay?” I moved a step closer to him, placing a soft kiss to his cheek. “I know…I mean we don’t have any solid plans…but..but I had a dress err well it’s more like a not so traditional kimono made for me. I know I should have waited, but..well I was so excited. I just …I didn’t wanna wait for the one thing I knew I could handle on my own….I’ll show it to ya if ya want? Unless ya wanna wait?”

Moving forward, her words resounding in my mind. I liked the idea. Giving myself…no, giving us that new chance was exciting. The soft kiss she pressed on my cheek felt incredibly warm and…soothing. Yes, soothing, a tender reminder that I had nothing to worry about, that she’d be by my side no matter what, something I was willing to do for her in return. A warm smile spread across my face as she talked about the dress. “It’s perfectly fine, Suga.” I began, letting her know there was nothing wrong about the decission she made despite we hadn’t talked about all this in months. “I’d love to see it but I think it’d be better to wait. We can keep it a surprise until that special day, what do you say?”