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Caught sneaking


I would have leaned away, but his fingers very gently held my chin in place. No no no, this was….well not bad actually. He was encouraging my fantasies, something I most desperately wanted right now. Still there was a warning I should make, but his lips so very close to my own were just demanding my full attention. His teasing, finally clear to me, allowed me to act more freely. I waisted no further time in closing the gap between us. Leaning forward, my sapphire eyes slid closed as I felt the warmth of his lips to mine. If he didn’t see a problem, then neither did I and I wouldn’t worry too much about holding myself back. My arms moved on their own accord, slipping around his shoulders and trying to pull the taller figure deeper into the kiss.

Not only I accepted the kiss but I also gladly did the same in return, tasting her lips for a moment before pulling away only enough for me to display a small smile “You know we can always play a little and release some tension whenever you need to, sweetie…” I cooed, kissing her once again, a bit more briefly this time while my arms snaked their way around her smaller body, pulling her a little closer. I was always one to tease my monkey girl and I wouldn’t let this opportunity to tease her a little further due to the special ocassion slip away so easily.





nijoll WOW

well they do say that the way to a man’s heart IS through the stomach

[In all seriousness, if you’re planning to buy specifically that one figure, I’d suggest being careful with what you might be buying. I got that figure along with Yuusuke’s some years ago in a con here and the box depicted in the picture above differs from the one I have and that most sites and sellers show X X X (sorry about the crappy quality btw) and that also have Pierrot’s official stickers on top of each box. Also, the colors of his uniform differ a little from the rest of these figures around.

I’ve never had the chance to buy on eBay, Amazon or any other sites since I don’t have Paypal but I’ve heard countless times that it’s better not to buy any Japanese figures that are shipped from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China or other Asian countries as it is highly possible that you might be getting a bootleg figure (made out of cheap materials and with the molds the original companies throw away). Even Kotobukiya’s site has a warning section about this. I also don’t know how expensive these figures should be, tbh, for they were intended to be Prizes in Japan -there’s the “For use as prize in Japan only” legend on the back of each- so I guess that depends on each seller. Same happens with the Banpresto keychains that came out years ago. I got mine on different cons for a low price -paid around $20 USD for Yuusuke and $26 USD for Kurama and paid even less for him in the end since a friend insisted on paying part of it- for a figure of that size since YYH was/still is an outdated and not very popular show in my country (good thing is the lady at the stand didn’t seem to know that, despite all that, all of the Kurama stuff always sells fast despite their high or low costs).

Good luck on getting one, btw! :D These are real cool. I’m still dying to get my hands on the DX Youko one and both of the Kurama ones from Kotobukiya ;^;]


{~🌹~} — Throughout the barrage of sincere compliments and soothing, loving touches the youko felt himself become nearly lightheaded from breathlessness. After all these centuries, Kurama could still not for the life of him understand how this one man, this simple and sometimes thuggish thief could make his heart thunder in his chest and his knees go weak with mere words. His ears twitched, his throat ran dry. The tip of his tongue brushed between his slightly parted lips, ran over them  in an involuntary effort to wet them. And Kurama himself could hardly will himself to meet the bat’s gaze lest he lose control of his knees and fall gracelessly into his arms.

             The shallow mound of his Adam’s apple bobbed as Kurama swallowed thickly at the lump in his throat. The effort was all but useless. The fox paid it no mind. Shyly he rest his head upon his lover’s shoulder as he spoke. “I-I like it, too..” he got out with some small effort. It was all s embarrassing - the silverette buried his face further into the other’s neck to hide his blush. “I love feeling your arms around me when I’m in that form…” he confessed. “I love resting my head against your chest and listening to your heart. I love the way to hold my hips as I crane to my up to kiss you. It’s…” A pause, his face burying itself just a little further. “…romantic.”

His voice was always gentle music to my ears, especially when he sounded like that while in his youko form; so pleased and calm. It was a privilege I did not get to receive very often and so I cherished each time it happened. It’s hard to find the exact words to describe the joy it gave me to be the cause of it, the reason why a feared man who everyone knew as cold and ruthless back in the day -and even nowadays, too- was able to display this side of his personality so carefree, without any doubts or worries. I suddenly found myself lost in the beauty of that moment.

"It’s kind of a new thing to hear you say that." I chuckled warmly before I tilted my head a little to the side, lightly resting it on top of his while my arms remained wrapped around him. It was like a glimpse of the once lost past, a refreshed version of it. "I’m glad to be able to actually hear you think that way about it. It’s…strange. Never in my life would I ever have thought I’d fall for a human." A youkai in a human disguise, yes, but a human nevertheless and the most beautiful I had ever seen.

akainobara: "Myself and Hiei?" Just a suggestion, but he was hopeful.




"You mean that shortie in black clothes who tried to attack me the other day?"

"As do I with mine," Kurama promised as he was pulled closer and allowed his head to rest comfortably in the crook of Kuronue’s neck. He’d missed this, craved this warmth, this smell. He didn’t know what he would do if he lost this again. "And I’ll talk to Hiei. He’ll come around." He said this, but the kitsune wasn’t all that certain. He was hopeful, but Hiei did always have a tendency to ruin his plans.

"You know I’ve never been one to share what’s mine. Let alone my most precious treasure ever but, for you, I promise I’ll keep doing my best to make things work and, hell, I’ll even help you talk things out with him if necessary." A gentle hand ran through the outer layers of his hair as a soft kiss was pressed to his forehead, on the silken skin there his blood-red hair didn’t hide.

Hidden Treasures || closed


My small hand caressed his cheek as I looked lovingly up at the taller figure. I was still cloaked in the heavy dress I had found in his treasure room, the small crown of jewels still resting on my head as I pulled a step away from him. “We can wait then. Is..is there a chance you would know of a good date to set up for us? We have a lot to talk over still. You or I still must face Mulo for my permanent freedom from my agreement with him. You still need to meet my elders for their blessing as well.” There truly was a lot let to do. “We can take all the time you wish for each step. I do not want to push this on you. I..I wantcha ta want this and be excited as I am.”

My smile became wider and warmer at her tender touch, my eyes never leaving hers. “I am excited about it. I apologize if it didn’t seem so before-” a soft bow of my head following those words before I continued “-I was still dealing with all that mess in my head and couldn’t think straight but now we can fully focus on this. Promise. I don’t have any dates in mind but we can choose one together if you’d like?” I offered. “I’ll make some for us so we can talk about this more comfortably. What do you say?”

When I met you, flowers started growing in the darkest parts of my mind.

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This must mean… ¡Eat me! Then I’ll help myself! I’ll lick you, bite you, and chew you…


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"I want none of you to miss me…as I leave this form behind"